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Welcome at ECHOCAST

For some time Museums and galleries as well as other cultural institutions can be pleased about a growing influx of visitors. At the same time a big change is going on in this sector of society. Privatization and partial privatization create new organizational models. In addition to full-time employees personnel of Service Providers is contracted.

The qualification under the terms of  the ECHOCAST Standard provides the profession for attendants, cashiers, guides, shop personnel. The focus is set on the behaviour  towards visitors. Managers of the museums and cultural institutions are involved in providing the organisational context and to develop it for training.

The creation of the project

The project was created by ECHONET. The partners agreed that in addition, many other organizations in similar areas, who need employee training, could use the results of the Project.  The project was co-financed by the EU in the framework of its “Leonardo” program for three years (2003 – 2006) and two additional projects (2006, 2008).

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